A sort of Cyberman

Typically effective pencil work from Philippines artist,Jimbo Salgado of the future’s greatest Lawman,Judge Dredd


Typically effective pencil work from Philippines artist,Jimbo Salgado of the future’s greatest Lawman,Judge Dredd

The Cult - Lil’ Devil (Live on The Late Show 1987) (by Leo Grass)

The Cult - Sonic Temple poster

The Cult - Sonic Temple poster


Johnny Marr - How Soon Is Now?

Recorded live at The Fillmore in San Francisco (4/13/13), with The Cult’s Billy Duffy adding some scorching lead guitar bits. Super awesome!

Nirvana - Live at Kapu, 1989, Full (MATRIX) (by stateyourrights)

11/20/89, Linz, Austria
1:53 School
4:34 Scoff
9:26 Love Buzz
13:00 Floyd The Barber
15:26 Dive
19:30 Polly
22:07 Big Cheese
25:51 About A Girl
28:47 Spank Thru
33:47 Molly’s Lips
37:48 Breed
44:13 Been A Son
46:22 Negative Creep
49:13 Blew
53:35 Sappy
57:30 Even In His Youth
1:01:23 Stain

Eddie Vedder now. Eric Clapton then. Spot the difference. 

BMI Babies


Yesterday my partner and I received a health report from my daughters school which included BMI results. Happily for us she’s fine but some of the other parents were unhappy. Not just with the results, as you can imagine some of the children fell into the overweight and obese categories, but also with the way the information was communicated and the fact that they were measured at all.

So I thought to myself “Is testing 5 year old’s wrong?

On one hand, I would want to know and it would be helpful to have as much information to do something if needed. Childhood obesity is a major problem in this country and it’s getting worse. Something needs to be done. On the other hand could the information and the methods be a little more subtle and constructive?

"You’re child is obese, please report for re-education" (slight hyperbole there) is just a tad Orwellian.

Understandably no parent likes to be told that their child is overweight or obese, many would take it as a slight on their parenting skills. It’s not as simple as that, children are all shapes and sizes and that’s where calculating BMI seems a little unfair. This is not to say that there are not parents that are a tad delusional about their child’s weight. There are some, that even by a casual glance, need to lose weight.

Hopefully a balance can be struck and the children that need that little bit of extra help get it. Communication is key and it’s something that the schools and health service need to look at because the form I was handed was very scant on information. It was basically a check list. Not helpful, informative or positive at all.

For all the right reasons, the health service and schools are paying attention to the growing problem of obesity, but some of the messages that are being put out are not necessarily right for young people or their parents to be hearing. Children at a younger and younger age are becoming aware of their body image and pressures on them to be the ideal image and figure. For their sake, the information needs to be sensitively communicated.